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Rysy Tatry

Rysy Tatry

Widok na Rysy z grupą turystów.

34-500 Zakopane Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

Rysy in the Tatra Mountains is Poland’s highest peak at 2,499 metres amsl. The mountain is located on the Polish-Slovakian border in the High Tatras.

It has three peaks, the highest of which is the middle one, located entirely on the Slovak territory. The north-western peak, through which the border runs, is the highest point in Poland. On the Polish side, Rysy is accessible by the red trail: from the PTTK shelter by the Morskie Oko Pond. The easiest way to get to the shelter is via the red trail from Palenica Białczańska.

Estimated passage time: 7.30 hours (both ways from Morskie Oko), 12 hours (both ways from Palenica Białczańska).

It’s also possible to get to Morskie Oko via other trails: one of the trails leading through Rusinowa Glade, the red trail from Toporowa Cyrhla through Psi Trawka, from Hala Gąsienicowa through the Krzyżne Pass, Zawrat Pass or Orla Perć to the Vally of the Five Polish Ponds, from there the trail runs through Szpiglasowa Pass or Świstówka Roztocka. However, all these trails are longer than the route from Palenica.

The route to Rysy isn’t recommended for tourists inexperienced in mountain hiking. This route is long, strenuous and requires from the hiker a certain amount of fitness and resistance to exposure. It’s also worth a warning against falling stones. Careless hikers sometimes move a pebble, which can hit anyone below. And if this happens on a more dangerous part of the trail, it isn’t difficult to have a mishap. This is why some tourists don’t go to Rysy without a helmet. It is more reasonable to climb Rysy in the middle of summer. In winter, it’s a typically mountaineering, extremely dangerous trail. 


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