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Stacja Narciarska Czarny Groń

The Czarny Groń ski station

os. Praciaki 91, 31-125 Rzyki Tourist region: Beskid Mały i Makowski
tel. +48 335065100
Elegance, chic, sophisticated fashion, as well as the power of “splash” – all this will be useful in spring, during
the contest for the title of Splash King and Queen, an event that combines freestyle spirit with great fun.
However, before you decide to participate in the contest, it is worth honing your skills at the Czarny Groń ski station, a charming family resort. In the eastern part of the Beskid Mały, you can find pistes for experienced skiers and slopes that are better suited to beginners. The resort also offers a professional Tiger Snowpark, a special ski simulator, the Hotel & SPA hotel surrounded by greenery, Rycerska Oberża Inn and an ice rink. Here, you can enjoy snow until late spring.

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