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Teatr Letni Brzesko

The Summer Theatre in Brzesko

ul. Wesoła 4, 32-800 Brzesko Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice
tel. +48 146631761
The Summer Theatre in Brzesko arose in 1902. The current “Pavilion” restaurant on Wesoła Street is in fact an old temple to Melpomene, the theatrical muse, and belongs to the urban/architectonic complex of the Okocim brewery.
It was built under the patronage of Jan II Goetz. The theatre has features of the Zakopane style and was designed by the architect Eugeniusz Wesołowski, who was also an amateur actor. It was erected using post and beam construction (wooden spandrel beams and posts) sealed with brick. Some of the windows and doors are enclosed in frames carved with decorative patterns. Worth seeing in the area! Brzesko is famous for its Okocim Brewery founded by Jan Ewangelista Goetz in 1845. Among the historic monuments which are worth seeing there is the Neo-Baroque Goetz family park and palace complex of the 19th century, St. Jacob Church of the 14th century and the historic cemeteries: from the times of World War I (no 275 and 276), as well as the Jewish cemetery. In 1904, Brzesko was afflicted by a fire which destroyed a large part of the city buildings.