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Wieża widokowa na Górze Skiełek

The lookout tower on Mount Skiełek

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Łukowica Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

The lookout tower on Mount Skiełek is the highest observation tower in the Island Beskids – it is 28 metres high. From the terrace at the height of 23 metres, it offers exceptionally picturesque panoramas of the Tatra, Pieniny, Gorce Mountains, Beskid Sądecki and Island Beskids.

The main ascent leads from the centre of Łukowica along the green main trail of the Island Beskids and at the same time along the Papal Trail past the historic church, where you can safely and quietly leave your car in the car park (especially in winter when it is unwise to venture by car closer to the Skiełek ascent). On the way, you pass farmhouses and homesteads and continue through the forest on one of the clearly-marked paths leading to the summit. Covering the whole route takes less than an hour, and the largely gentle ascent as well as the resting places make it attractive for families with children.

The tower's structure is steel to make it more weatherproof, and the entirety is decorated with wooden elements. It was built almost entirely with funds raised by the Łukowica Municipality from the Government's Local Investment Fund as part of a support for mountain municipalities for tourist infrastructure (PLN 1.5 million).

The Skiełek lookout tower is the tourist hit of the Łukowica Municipality; although it opened recently, it attracted the interest of residents and tourists long before its opening, even at the stage of construction. Mount Skiełek (749 m above sea level) in the Island Beskids is the symbol of the Łukowica Municipality, and its name derives from the dialect term for the howling of wolves (Polish: skiauczenie).

And the quaint Island Beskids ... dozens of unique isolated peaks scattered like islands and islets over 1,000 square kilometres – hence the name Island Beskids. Małopolska's land of Avatar – beautiful, picturesque peaks wrapped in fog in peculiar weather, rising above a white feathery cloud, suspended in the air... It is a must to be here!

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