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Winnica Hybridium

Hybridium Vineyard

Zdjęcie przedstawia kiść winogron rosnących na krzewie winorośli. Winogrona są dojrzałe i soczyste, a na fotografii widoczne są również liście winorośli, W tle rozmyte krzewy.
Zagórze 45, 34-103 Witanowice
Wines aged in French barrels.
The Hybridum Vineyard in Witanowice near Wadowice was established in 2009 by Marcin Pierożyński - the owner of Krakow restaurants, including ZaKładka at the Bernatek Footbridge in Krakow. The 2-hectare plantation is home to a number of vine warieties, including hibernal, solaris and bianca for making white wines, as well as regent and rondo for making red wines. The local wines age for at least six months in French oak barrels. Since 2012, the vineyard has also been making a sweet SOL wine of solaris grapes. Hybridium wines enjoy good reviews among experts, as well as recognition and awards in numerous winemaking competitions. They can be found in restaurants and wine stores in the area. More information: hybridium.pl