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Osada Czorsztyn Kluszkowce

Settlement of Kluszkowce

Drewniane zabytkowe, góralskie wille.

Stylchyn 1, 34-410 Kluszkowce Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz

This historic settlement situated on Stylchyn Hill on a peninsula on the northern shore of Lake Czor-sztyn consists of buildings that were moved from areas now covered by the lake. Wooden villas, guest houses, cottages and stone cellars create an interesting tourist attraction with a beautiful view of Gorce, Pieniny, the Tatra Mountains, Babia Góra and the castles in Czorsztyn and Niedzica.

The settlement was set up in the 1990s following the flooding of several villages during the filling of Lake Czorsztyn. Buildings from the 19th and early 20th centuries were moved from the former Maniów, Kluszkowiec and Czorsztyn to their new location. Their original forms and functions were preserved and some were adapted for tourism purposes. Rural cottages and farm buildings as well as stone cellars were placed in the agricultural sector. On what had been Jan Królczyk's farmstead with a cowshed, barn and pigsty is now a regional museum with furnishings from 1909. Above each of the unique cellars, built from broken stone at the turn of the 19th and 20th century, you can see a log cabin with a hayloft. The oldest cottage from 1898 is also located here. In the spa part, three villas were arranged as hotels. Teofil Sanok's Villa, designed and built by him in 1924–1925, has a spa and representative character featuring richly decorated facades, balustrades, porches and rooftops. The Sanok family lived here until 1967. Leopold Szperling's Villa, a log house with a basement, housed the former 'Pieniny Restaurant' that had been in the centre of now-flooded Czorsztyn. The Drohojowski family built it in 1847 as an inn and tavern. The building was bought by Leopold Szperling in 1909 and he expanded it in the Zakopane style between1928 and 1930. The tavern prospered between the wars. The Szperlings, a Jewish family, were shot here by the Germans in 1942. Today it is the 'U Szperlinga' inn with interiors featuring traditional old furniture, paintings and equipment. In the Józef GalotaVilla, where a health centre operated after World War II, there are now hotel rooms. The Bank Villa is a former manor inn of the owner of the Czorsztyn estates, Marcel Drohojowski, built in 1880 as a summer villa. After World War II it housed a cooperative bank and a shop, and today it is a conference and training centre. The Basia II Villa, the former boarding house of doctor Kulczycki from the 1930s, and Basia III, the former Pieniny villa of doctor Bolesław Okuljar, with a glass veranda with a terrace, are yet to be developed. There is also the Zbyszek Villa in the Zakopane style and Villa Bo. 333 from Maniów in the Swiss style.  

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