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Do krzyża na Giewoncie

To the Giewont cross

Giewont jesiennie
Types of trails: Hiking
The majestic silhouette of the Giewont Mountain with a cross on its top towers over Zakopane and attracts hordes of tourists. The trip to its top begins in Kuźnice, with a blue trail passing through the Kalatówki Glade to the miniature refuge on Hala Kondratowa. A steep climb starts here, and you will conquer the last stretch holding on to the chains. It is recommended to return using the red trail. The picturesque route with beautiful views of Czerwone Wierchy (Red Peaks) continues just below Mały Giewont (Small Giewont) to the impressive Strążyska Valley and further on to Zakopane.
Kuźnice – Giewont – Mały Giewont – Dolina Strążyska – Zakopane