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Kobylany, Bolechowice - Dolinki Kobylańska i Bolechowicka Valleys - Trasa - VisitMalopolska

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Dolina Kobylańska i Bolechowicka

Kobylany, Bolechowice - Dolinki Kobylańska i Bolechowicka Valleys

Dolina Będkowska
Types of trails: Hiking
Length of trail: 11.5
Kobylany Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska
Start in the centre of Będkowice and take the yellow trail that descends to the Kobylańska Valley. Once there, take the path below the gradually rising fantastically shaped rocks – Kobylańska Valley is the most popular climbing spot in the Kraków area. Before the first buildings in Kobylany, the trail turns left, passing through Karniowice, where you can see the beautiful 17th century manor. Continue marching to the famous Brama Bolechowicka (Bolechowicka Gate). The stunning rocks create a huge, white, calcareous gate. The yellow trail continues up the valley, and then, bypassing Zelków, to Wierzchowie in the Kluczwoda valley. There, at the foot of the rocks, lies the entrance to the magnificent Wierzchowska Górna cave. By following the trail, you will reach the town of Murownia situated by the road from Kraków to Olkusz.

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