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Kwiatoń, Kamianna, Szymbark, Biecz, Ciężkowice - Trasa - VisitMalopolska

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Kwiatoń, Kamianna, Szymbark, Biecz, Ciężkowice

Kwiatoń, Kamianna, Szymbark, Biecz, Ciężkowice

Cerkiew Kwiatoń
Estimated travel time: 07:00
Scale of difficulty: For beginners
Length of trail: 97 km
Kwiatoń Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski, Tarnów i okolice
Kwiatoń, Kamianna, Szymbark, Biecz, Ciężkowice
Kwiatoń, Kamianna, Szymbark, Biecz, Ciężkowice
1) Kwiatoń – Church of St Paraskeva
Sightseeing time: 15-30 minutes

A former Greek Catholic Orthodox church in Kwiatoń, dedicated to Saint Paraskeva, is considered one of the most beautiful in Poland. Today, it is an auxiliary church of the Roman Catholic parish in Uście Gorlickie. The Orthodox church in Kwiatoń has a carcass construction with a pole construction tower with sloping walls. The whole building - both the walls and the roof - is covered with shingles, only a part of starling is covered with vertical boarding. The building is erected on a longitudinal plan consisting of three quadrangles; presbytery, nave and narthex.
The temple is surrounded by a small wall with wooden gates with a frame structure, crowned with picturesque shingle roofs with onion-shaped domes.
The church was erected in the second half of the 17th century. The tower dates from 1743. It is the oldest confirmed tower of the Lemko church.

2) Kamianna – Open-air museum of hives at the “Barć” apiary
Sightseeing time: 30-60 minutes

An open-air museum presents the history of bee-keeping. A few dozen different hives have been gathered, some of them resemble castles, palaces, carriages and animals. Visitors may observe breeder's everyday work both in the apiary and in the quiet of the workshop, while preparing sweet delicacies. Another attraction is the opportunity to taste several different types of honey and its products in the local shop. Its wide offer includes a lot of medical products, which makes Kamianna a valued centre of apitherapy. Honey therapy was initiated by a priest Henryk Ostach PhD, who also started the Sądecki Beekeeper Day, created the Beekeeper's House; and thanks to him Kamianna is associated with production of delicious honey.

3) Szymbark near Gorlice
Sightseeing time: 15 minutes

The castle in Szymbark built around 1540 is the best preserved example of a rectangular, compact defensive manor with corner alcoves, crowned with a magnificent attic.

4) Biecz - a city, whose history dates back to the 12th century, has many interesting architectural elements, it is called the “Pearl of Podkarpacie”.
Sightseeing time: 60 minutes
In Biecz you can see:

- Town Hall - a building with a high Renaissance tower from the 16th century, 56 meters high. At the top there is a lookout gallery, and in the basement there is a medieval prison, the so-called turma.
From the city hall, you enter Kromera Street and after about 100 m you reach the city walls and towers
- City walls - medieval defensive walls from the 14th century, together with barbican and towers,
- Smith's Tower - also known as the presbytery, rebuilt at the end of the 20th century, nowadays it is the seat of the museum,
Near the tower there is a collegiate church (150 m)
- Collegiate Church in Biecz - the parish church of Corpus Christi is one of the most valuable monuments of Gothic sacred architecture in Poland.

5) Cieżkowice
Sightseeing time: 2-3 h
Stone CIty

Naturally created wonderful rock forms in various shapes, having various names: Grunwald, lower and upper fortress, mushroom, witch, badger, town hall and many others that refer to the shape of the rocks. In the Stone City, you should move along designated paths.
Witch Gorge
You can start the journey to the Witch Gorge from the entrance to the Stone City, following the information boards or the blue trail from the centre of Ciężkowice.
The narrow and deep gorge, which is a natural masterpiece itself, leads to a rock waterfall. Visiting this nook is a hike down, on protruding tree roots, wooden stairs and narrow paths. The view of the waterfall is unforgettable, especially picturesque and impressive after rains.

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