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Skała, skałki i dwory

Skała, rocks and manors

Murowany biały parterowy dwór z wejściem poprzedzonym kolumnowym portykiem. Na elewacji zielone pnącza, przed budynkiem zadbana zieleń, na murowanych schodach stoją donice z kwiatami. Na ganku stoi stół z krzesłami.
Scale of difficulty: For intermediates
Types of trails: Cycle
Length of trail: 43
Skała Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska, Tarnów i okolice
The route of this trip abounds in historic sacred and palace-manor buildings. The picturesque valley of the river Dłubnia and the shady Ostrysznia Gorge offers a moment of rest from civilization.
We leave the market square in Skała by ul. Słomnicka, heading to Nowa Wieś. Having reached the signpost to Minoga, we shall turn left. We go down to the centre of the village next to the church and we head left to the manor of the Wężyk family. After Minoga, we turn right onto the green trail and go to the settlement of Wesółka. Then, we turn right from the trail onto an earth road and furtherly turn left at the intersection. We pass a wooden manor in Gołyszyn, turn left and then, below the church in Wysocice, we turn left once again (blue bicycle trail). In the centre of Ściborzyce, we can turn left and take the bridge to reach the Popielów Palace. We ride onto the black walking trail, which will take us to Glanów. We then pass a mill and a monastery in Imbramowice and, after a while, we enter the Ostrysznia Gorge. Next to the manor complex in Glanów, there is a blue walking trail that will take us through the picturesque valley of the river Dłubnia. We cross the river, reach the asphalt road and head to the right (a church should be visible on the left). We cross the bridge and ride up the hill to the south. We return to the blue trail again near the forester's lodge.
Skała – Nowa Wieś (2 km) – Minoga (4 km) – Wysocice (12 km) – Glanów (22 km) – Imbramowice (28 km) – Tarnawa (32,5 km) – Grodzisko (40 km) – Skała (43 km)

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