Nordic walking

kobieta spacerująca z kijami wśród drzew
Nordic walking is a type of marching invented by Finnish athletes and physicians, with the use of specially designed poles. In Poland, it became popular in the last decade. It is a type of sport which may be practised by all, regardless of age and physical condition. We do not need to learn any complicated exercises to improve our physical fitness, relax and burn off excess weight.

It is a gentle type of sport which does not overload joints, so it is very popular also among seniors. In addition to poles and good shoes, no other equipment is necessary. We may walk with poles virtually anywhere but it is always nicer is to walk along designated routes, which are present in Małopolska in large numbers. An example may be nordic walking parks in the Carp Valley in Osiek, Zator and Przeciszów. We may see Nordic walking enthusiasts in every city park. We may walk with poles using walking and running paths. We shall meet persons practising nordic walking in the promenades of many health resorts in Małopolska, such as Krynica Zdrój, Wysowa Zdrój or Piwniczna. Enthusiasts of this sport will be attracted to Małopolska by unique views, neat alleys and lots of greenery.  

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