Zalesiony grzbiet górski.
The village in the Nowy Targ district, in the commune of Ochotnica Dolna. Tylmanowa was founded in 1336 at the trade route leading to Spiš.

Its name is derived from the name of its founder, Tylman. The village stretches over several kilometres in the Valley of Dunajec, at the road Nowy Targ – Krościenko – Nowy Sącz. It is situated between the Gorce range of Lubania and Beskid Sądecki. The biggest natural attraction of the vicinity of Tylmanowa is the “Kłodne nad Dunajcem” landscape reserve established in 1964, with an area of 89.1 ha. In 1963, the “Pusta Wielka” forest reserve was established, with an area of 3.3 ha, with the relic pine forest. We can reach the reserve by ferry or by bridge to the right bank of Dunajec in the settlement of Płaśnie. The reserve covers a part of the gorge of Dunajec between the range of Radziejowa and the massif of Lubań. Steep, heavily wooded slopes descend here directly into the picturesque riverbend. Here, we can see beech tree stands which are more than one hundred fifty years old and form the upper layer of the forest composition, so-called Luzulo-Fagetum beech forests.

The oldest monument in Tylmanowa is the St. Nicholas wooden church which is located in the central part of the village. The first temple was founded in the village as early as in the 16th century. The wooden church with a shingled roof and a belfry burnt down in 1756 and in the same year the structure existing until today was erected. This is an aisleless, oriented building with a single-ridge roof covered with tin. Inside, there is the Baroque altar with the image of Our Lady of Częstochowa and two side altars, also in the Baroque style. A modern stained glass window was made by Jan Jachymiak. In 2001, in the vicinity a new temple was constructed and currently the masses are celebrated there. Closer to the road, there is the belfry from the mid-19th century. In the years 1972-1980, on the rocky hill Baszta, at the mouth of the Ochotnica Stream, a calvary with the statues by Tomasz Zabrzeski, folk sculptor from Kłodne, was built. The manor in Tylmanowa, with a porch supported by four columns was built in 1840 by the then owner of Tylmanowa, Wiktor Berski. Above the back door, there is a memorial stone. Currently, it accommodates a bar and a disco. Little Tischner spent the first a dozen or so months of his life in Tylmanowa, in the house of the Paluch family.


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