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Bacówka Jacka Wolskiego Nowy Targ

Jack Wolski's Shepherd's Hut in Nowy Targ

Baca Jacek Wolski w swojej Bacówce w Nowym Targu siedzi przy wiadrach i wyrabia ręcznie oscypki.

Nowy Targ Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

'My family has been engaged in sheep husbandry for generations and so am I. But before that, I was a shepherd's helper. What else would I do? A shepherd doesn't have many responsibilities. A shepherd has to be sturdy, after all he is doing a serious job', says the senior shepherd from Kowaniec.

Kowaniec is situated at the foot of the Gorce Mountains in a picturesque part of Nowy Targ. This means that the shepherd's hut is located in a beautiful place in the wilderness. However, getting to the shepherd's hut from Nowy Targ is very easy. A hike is of course necessary, but a relatively short one. You can get to the shepherd's hut by car if that is more suitable for you.  This is one of the reasons why there are so many tourists here seeking sheep milk specialities throughout the season. Yet the senior shepherd Jacek Wolski does not really mind it. According to his own words, the beautiful views make him love his job and he can't imagine any other. 'I have grown up among ewes', he laughs. The senior shepherd believes that the EU requirements for cheese production do not undermine the shepherd's tradition – there must be order. The EU pays attention to cleanliness, and that is appreciated', he emphasises. Indeed, tidiness and cleanliness at a shepherd's hut are now a staple of shepherding and the production of good and healthy sheep milk cheese. If you want to buy oscypek, bunc or bryndza here, you will not be disappointed, for sure.

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