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Bacówka Stefana Janeczka Kacwin

Stefan Janeczek's Shepherd's Hut in Kacwin

Zbliżenie na Bacówkę Stefana Janeczka w Kacwinie. Przed budynkiem znajduje się duża połać zieleni, zaś z tyłu za budynkiem jest wysoki las.

Kacwin Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz

He has been running a shepherd's hut in Kacwin since 2002. Before he became a senior shepherd, Stefan Janeczek used to be a junior shepherd in Slovakia and in Dursztyn. His father Franciszek was also a shepherd many years ago.

This shepherd's hut, known throughout the region, is located near the Slovakian border. During the good shepherding seasons more than 600 sheep graze on the adjacent pastures and clearings, a hundred of which belong to the shepherd Stefan Janeczek. It should also be made clear here that every year the owners of mountain homesteads entrust their sheep to the senior shepherds for summer grazing. Thus, he pastures not only his own, but also those entrusted to him. The sheep belonging to the owners of mountain homesteads in Kacwin, Łapsze Niżne and Łapsze Wyżne that are entrusted to the senior and junior shepherds therefore spend their 'holidays' in shepherd's huts. The fact that the products of senior shepherd Stefan Janeczek are of the highest quality is evidenced by prizes awarded by the Jury of the Festival of Oscypek and Different Types of Cheese, which takes place annually in Zakopane. Here you can buy and grab a bite of highland oscypek, bunc and żentyce, as well as gołki, popular and loved by tourists and gourmets. The latter are made similarly to highlander oscypek, but have a slightly lower content of sheep's milk or, depending on the likes of the senior shepherd, are made entirely from cow's milk. However, the process of smoking the cheese is exactly the same as that of the iconic highlander oscypek. Beautiful views, a wide panorama of the Beskid Sądecki and the Pieniny Mountains with the magnificent panorama of the Three Crowns themselves are some of the additional assets of this place. 

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