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Bacówka Tomasza Króla Tomkowego Zakopane

Tomasz Król's Shepherd's Hut in Zakopane

Bacówka Tomasza Króla Tomkowego w Zakopanem na zboczu wzniesienia w pogodny dzień. Przy lewej stronie domu poukładane jest drewno na opał, a przed budynkiem stoi płot.

Zakopane Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

He comes from a family with pastoral traditions. His grandfather Józef Król used to graze on the family's Królowa Pasture in the Tatra Mountains. On the one hand, this is considered an ennoblement among highlanders, but it is also an obligation. This well-known highlander in Zakopane, however, doesn't make a fuss about it and copes very well with the pros and cons of the whole situation.

‘Since I was 13, I have been wandering around shepherd's huts. That's more than 30 years now,' confesses Tomasz Król, a senior shepherd. But as he assures, he wouldn't choose any other life. Throughout his shepherding career, he has helped out at various shepherd's huts in Nieznajowa and Regietów in the Low Beskids and the Tatra Mountains. Since 1997 he has run a shepherd's hut in Harenda together with Andrzej Kluś, and now he is on his own. Every year he pastures around 400 sheep, including 75 of his own. He has completed a senior shepherd's course. He is mainly responsible for making gołki, whose taste is not inferior to the most famous oscypek and, according to connoisseurs, it is often more delicate and sublime. Gołki are also best served hot, e.g. grilled, and are also cheaper than the flagship product. Zakopane's Harenda is thus known not solely to skiers in winter, but also to gourmets of highlander culinary delights in summer. So instead of buying oscypki at Krupówki in Zakopane, you can find a genuine highlander shepherd's hut close by.

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