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Kapliczka Chrystusa Frasobliwego na Zawodziu Gorlice

Chapel in Zawodzie, Gorlice

Figurka Chrystusa w kapliczce, w tle mural.

ul. Węgierska , 38-300 Gorlice Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

It was here, in 1854, that the first street kerosene lamp in the world, constructed by Ignacy Łukasiewicz, was lit by the city councillors.
To commemorate this event, a chapel with a sixteenth-century sculpture of Pensive Christ was erected in the historic point of the city. Currently, the original sculpture is part of the collections of the PTTK Regional Museum in Gorlice at Wąska street, and the chapel is crowned with a replica. The local legend says that the sculpture was brought to Gorlice along with the turbulent waters of the Ropa river, widespread during the flood. Souvenirs related to the oil industry in the Zawodzie district are perfectly complemented by a sgraffito made in 2006 on the wall of the building located at the intersection of Węgierska and Kościuszki streets, just behind the Chapel with Pensive Christ. It commemorates the lighting of the world's first street kerosene lamp.

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