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Muzeum sensoryczno-naukowe WOMAI Kraków

WOMAI – sensorial and scientific museum in Cracow


ul. Pawia 34, 31-154 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 123132359
WOMAI is a scientific gem of tourist Krakow. An educational and sensory museum whose name comes from the first letters of the English phrase World Of My All Inspirations.

The creators of this venue aimed to tap into our senses and make us aware of how much we owe them and, on the other hand, how little we know about them. The museum is also intended to introduce visitors to the world of science so that they can examine physical phenomena in a completely different dimension, mainly through hands-on experience and play.

'Towards the Light' and 'Towards the Dark' are two exhibitions prepared for the pleasure of visitors, and the exhibitions share an important feature: they're truly inspired. The exhibitions seek to demonstrate a new way of looking at scientific phenomena. They entertain and teach, convincing us that physics, chemistry and other sciences 'don't bite' – oh no, quite the opposite. Visitors seek answers to questions about the fantastic laws, forces and phenomena that govern the universe in which we live. A scientist-guide is available to give a friendly and engaging explanation for each phenomenon, and to provide detailed answers to any questions you might have. A few thematic sections are highlighted, each enriched by scientific objects from different fields. By no means are these subjects dealt with the way they did in the school books we used. Here, learning about the sciences takes on a completely different and vastly more interesting dimension. The exhibition 'Towards the Dark' allows us to put to use and rely on senses other than sight. A sightless guide provides invaluable assistance in this experience.

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