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Skansen Taboru Kolejowego Chabówka

Rolling Stock Open-Air Museum, Chabówka

Słoneczny dzień. Ekspozycja kolorowej zabytkowej lokomotywy z przewagą zielonego stoi na torach wśród płyt betonowych porośniętych trawą. Z tyłu widać pociąg i rosnące drzewa. Niebo z kilkoma chmurami.

Chabówka 1, 34-720 Chabówka Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

tel. +48 327223875
tel. +48 663292713
Rolling Stock Open-Air Museum is a great attraction for everyone – both children and adults. The premises of the old steam locomotive shed house a collection of the most interesting exhibits associated with rail transport.
Old freight and passenger steam locomotives, railway cars, ploughs, cranes and maintenance equipment – all of them can be found in the open-air museum in Chabówka. In addition to trains that are no longer used, the museum also has an operating rolling stock, which can be seen in films, such as ”Schindler’s List,” ”The Devil from the 7th Grade” and “Katyń.” Enthusiasts of retro-trains and the Małopolska countryside can take a trip by a historic railway, for example to Biecz or across the Poprad Valley, or journey along the 130-year-old route Chabówka - Nowy Sącz, one of the most beautiful in Poland and Europe. The trip includes additional attractions on board and during stops, such as picnics and historical re-enactments. A historic train trip is an incredible adventure for the whole family.Chabówka is particularly worth visiting during “Parowozjada” or Locomotive Festival, Poland's largest festival of historic rolling stock from Poland and abroad. The event is always accompanied by an attractive program for children.

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