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Wieża widokowa Dąbrówka Szczepanowska

Lookout Tower in Dąbrówka Szczepanowska

Widok z lotu ptaka na wieżę widokową w Dąbrówce Szczepanowskiej, okoliczne wzgórza i dolinę rzeki.
The lookout tower in Dąbrówka Szczepanowska is located on the summit called 'Golgotha' ('Golgota'), 395 m above sea level. From it you can admire a panoramic view of the Tarnów region.

The Dąbrówka Szczepanowska's Lookout Tower was erected in 2018, the place is known for its charming views of the north and north-east of the region, mainly Tarnów, Wojnicz, the Dunajec River valley, the hills of the Island Beskids and even the distant Tatra Mountains. What attracts particular attention at night is the illuminated city in the distance. The wooden construction of the Lookout tower in Dąbrówka Szczepanowska is about 16 metres high and consists of five storeys with observation decks. A terrace was created on the ground floor with a ramp adapted for the needs of people with disabilities. There are also some benches. Photovoltaic lamps have been installed along the tower. The tower is also illuminated with solar energy, giving the edifice a distinctive appearance at night unique to the region. A camera that provides a live feed online has been installed on the roof of the structure.
The lookout tower in Dąbrówka Szczepanowska can be reached from Tarnów via Koszyce Wielkie, Rzuchowa and Szczepanowice.

The lookout tower won an award as a Unique Tourist Attraction in the 2019 Touristic Treasures of Małopolska competition.

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