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Wieża widokowa na szczycie Hajdówki Jordanów

Lookout Tower on the summit of Hajdówka in Jordanów

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Jordanów Tourist region: Beskid Żywiecki i Orawa

The charming wooden observation tower on the summit of Hajdówka (534 metres above sea level) in Jordanów is 18 metres high. It offers a picturesque panorama of the Maków and Island Beskids, Polica Mountain in the Żywiec Beskids, the Babia Góra massif, the Gorce Mountains, and also the Tatra Mountains when weather conditions are favourable.

The lookout tower is equipped with a camera system, a telescope and 3-D terrain maps in display cases with detailed descriptions of the surrounding peaks. In addition, it is of very sturdy construction and it is floodlit at night at night, so it’s very safe. A ‘Beskid bench’ has been erected at the tower as one of many on the trail of benches being created in the Polish-Slovak border area – despite today's busy world dominated by the ubiquitous Internet and social media, it encourages visitors to stop and rest in nature.

The tower can be reached by car from Jordanów's Market Square and left at a small car park about a fifteen-minute walk away from the tower. It is also possible to walk to the tower from Jordanów's Market Square – it will take you about one hour and is steep in some places, but all of it is graded, some with topped with gravel, although most of it is asphalted.

The Municipality of Jordanów financed the tower thanks to funds obtained from the Government Fund for Local Investments within the framework of supports for mountain municipalities for tourist infrastructure (nearly PLN 1.3 million).

Situated at the southern foothills of the Maków Beskids, Jordanów is a good starting point for excursions into the various parts of the mountain ranges of the Maków Beskids – the Lubomira and Łysina, Laskowskie, Chełm, Babica, Koskowa Góra and Pewelskie Mountain Ranges. These not very high, unquestionably charming, somewhat remote and lightly travelled mountains, with but one mountain hostel on Kudłacze, are waiting to be discovered – fields and meadows full of wildflowers right up to the summit, hamlets with old homesteads scattered on the slopes and in the valleys, stone chapels, crosses and statues of saints... Silence and peace to be experienced... Beautiful views and idyllic landscapes to be seen...










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