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Winnica Dosłońce

Dosłońce Vineyard

Zdjęcie przedstawia krzewy winorośli w winnicy dosłońce rosnące w rzędach. Każdy z rzędów to dojrzewające w słońcu winogrona. W tle widoczne charakterystyczne widoki dla polskiej wsi, lasy oraz pola uprawne.

Dosłońce 34, 32-222 Dosłońce Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 504855046
Soil like in the Champagne region – wine from the Miechów Upland.

40 km north of Krakow, Mr Zbigniew Zobek planted his first vines in 2006. The vineyard is located on a warm south-western slope, and the loess soil atop marl subsoil – typical of this area – provides good drainage and protects the vines from excessive moisture. Mr Zbigniew's ambition is to limit the use of any chemical products in the vineyard and to have the least possible degree of intervention in the vinification process. Thanks to the unique loess and chalky habitat, many of these demands have been realised. The following strains are grown here: Bianca, Dawn, Seyval and Muscat for white wines, and Regent, Rondo, Leon Millot, Marechal Foch, Cabernet Dorsa, Roesler and Rubinet for reds on an area of 22 acres. In the future, the owner has plans to expand his plantation and start commercial production; for the moment, please take advantage of the extensive hospitality and come by for a glass of fine wine from the Dosłońce Vineyard.

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