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Bacówka księdza Józefa Tischnera na polanie Sumolowej Zarębek Wyżni Łopuszna

Zarębek Wyżni

Mały drewniany domek będący Bacówką księdza Józefa Tischnera na Polanie Sumolowej, budowany na zrąb, kryty spadzistym dachem, pośród zielonych drzew.

Łopuszna Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

Zarębek Wyżni – a hamlet of Łopuszna, situated very high.
Just above the last buildings, on Sumolowa Clearing, where we can see the incredible views of the Tatra Mountains and Podhale, hidden among tall trees, at the edge of a small clearing, there is a tiny mountain hut belonging to Rev. Tischner, built in 1975 on the plot of land shared by the priest’s schoolmate, Leon Smarduch. This is where he came from Kraków, it is here where many of his books on philosophy were written.

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