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Rozległa polana z dawnymi pasterskimi szałasami w górach
What is worth seeing in the Małopolska region? Where can you find some less frequently visited attractions? Where will you be surprised by the absence of crowds? Attractions in the countryside or in the mountains? Where to go for a trip with kids? Where to spend a weekend? Or maybe you’re interested in good cuisine, you want to know where to eat? We present you interesting places in the Małopolska region at your fingertips – recommended by the local residents. We’re also curious about your recommendations! What would you recommend? Where would you invite friends from outside the Małopolska region?

Get to know what you have

What is local and close is often underestimated. Chasing the exotic, we miss the precious sites situated in the neighbourhood. However, nowadays we’re beginning to become more aware of the carbon footprint of long journeys and try to live more slowly, in an ecological way. We’re also forced to change, slow down and travel in a new way by the current situation in the world, resulting from the pandemic. We’re going off the trail, discovering famous places again, looking for attractions in the nearby area, carefully and without rush.

Discover places worth recommending, recommend places worth discovering

You know plenty of attractions, but need a little hint where to go for the weekend? You want to remind yourself places from your childhood? Meet the flavours that make you feel blissful whenever you think about them? Or maybe you fancy a bike ride? Meet our Ambassadors who are part of the campaign Małopolska. Let’s get to know each other!" and shared what they like most in the Małopolska region. Ania showed us the most Instagram places, the Mazurek family revealed where they spent time with children, Maja and Bartosz showed their Małopolska seen through the culinary perspective, Anna told us what bicycle routes to choose, and Janek led us up to his mountains. Are you interested with their suggestions?

Kolaż 3 zdjęć przedstawiających staw, drewnianą ścieżkę nad mokradłami i ważkę wśród traw

Do you like to travel outside the well-known routes and always look for local treasures? Share your discoveries and become the Ambassador of the Małopolska region. Enter the website and add some suggestions for places that have to be seen, the flavours that have to be tried and the sounds to have to be heard. Let others feel the Małopolska region with all their senses. Show it the way you know it – help others to rediscover what you think is already discovered and known for a long time. Your personal recommendation is the best visit card for the given place and a proof that it’s worth visiting.

At the website, you’ll find lots of inspiration from the locals. Dorota proposes a visit to Chatka Włóczykija and Schronisko Dobrych Myśli in Jamna, where, as she writes: You will enjoy unique views of the sunset, Tatras and the panorama of the the Ciężkowice-Rożnów Landscape Park seen through the windows of a wooden hut. In Schronisko Dobrych Myśli (Good Thoughts Shelter) you will be welcomed with a delicious lunch, a piece of apple pie and a cup of aromatic coffee. Jakub, in turn, recommends a visit to Bobrowisko in Stary Sącz: The bobrowisko (beaver lodge) in Stary Sącz is a network of wooden footboards of several hundred meters in length, on which we can walk. In addition, we have two observation points from which we can admire the ponds and wetlands, looking out for beavers and other animals living in this ecosystem. Alexandra’s favourite place is Polana Podskały in the Gorce National Park: One of the most beautiful glades in Gorce – quite extensive and characterised by major landscape qualities. It is located between Jaworzynka and Gorc Troszacki. There are three wooden huts, which remain after the pastoral activity of the Zagórzanie highlanders, an ethnic group which lives in the Island Beskids and the northern part of Gorce.

Read, draw inspiration, add something from yourself!

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