Małopolska countryside and its cultural heritage.

Kolorowe cacka z małopolskich straganów
Małopolska countryside is more than agriculture; it is a wealth of all aspects of cultural life. Everyone has a family in the countryside – either close or extended.

We all remember our childhood gatherings and meals with the grandparents, trips "to the fields," visiting farm animals or just strolling around the area. It was then when we were able to get to know the true face of the countryside. Local legends full of devils, ghosts or weather sorcerers. All the transient customs, long forgotten and hard to find in the urban reality or beliefs considered ridiculous nowadays. Local artists who conjure up beautiful things from wood, clay, material, metal or paper. Each county in the Małopolska region is a true treasuryof heritage created by people for future generations. You will find sculptors, blacksmiths, carvers, embroiderers, painters or basket makers here. Each of them will present their work and teach their craft that you cannot learn in school or fine arts academy. Wood sculptures, folk costumes, tapestries, leather goods, local luthier creations and many more are created by folk artists from Małopolska . It’s impossible not to love the Małopolska countryside! Come and visit us – and keep coming back.

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