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Bobrowe Rozlewisko Zabierzów Bocheński

Bobrowe Rozlewisko Zabierzów Bocheński

Dużo zieleni i alejka do placu i po prawej kilku domków, a po lewej domków w dwóch rzędach przy dużym akwenie wodnym. Na nim duża wyspa z plażą i drzewami. Dalej widać jeszcze jeden akwen i lasy. W oddali widoczne pasmo gór i nad nim pogodne niebo.

32-007 Zabierzów Bocheński Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 664126945
tel. +48 602272080
In this part of Zabierzów Bocheński you can go fishing, and then, after puting your catch on ice, you can go swimming in the lifeguarded bathing area. Next to the fishing area is a large sandy beach, a beach volleyball court, a children's playground, and an outdoor gym with exercise equipment for children and adults.

The swimming pool is located on the banks of the Drwinka River near the Niepołomice Forest. The large sandy beach at Bobrowe Rozlewisko is an ideal spot for sunbathing. Interestingly, it is located on a peninsula in the middle of the swimming pool so you must walk along a path to reach it. There are sun lounges, umbrellas, and bicycles for hire on site. A professional Street Workout park is located right next to the beach. This workout is based on strength exercises using only your body weight.  A beach bar opens its doors on weekends when there are large numbers of beachgoers. There is also an inn at Rozlewisko, which is open seasonally.

Bobrowe Rozlewisko is also a place for fishing. Two fishing grounds have been made available for lovers of this pastime: the 4-hectare 'sporty' area and the 17-hectare "big" area. Łowisko wyposażone jest w specjalne miejsca ułatwiające połów. Here, fishermen can try their luck with everything from carp, to catfish, crucian carp, pike, zander and eels.  A shop by Rozlewisko offers fishing equipment and other fishing essentials.

You can rent one of fifteen high-standard holiday cottages on Bobrowe Rozlewisko. The cottage has a kitchenette, bathroom, living room and upstairs bedroom. In front of the house is a spacious terrace overlooking Rozlewisko.

You can come to the swimming pool in Zabierzów Bocheński with your dog, which must be on a leash, and the owner should carry a valid canine vaccination booklet. Dogs are not allowed in the water.

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