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Dawne Gimnazjum Humanistyczne Wadowice

Former grammar school, Wadowice

Wadowice budynek dawnego gimnazjum.

ul. Mickiewicza 16, 34-100 Wadowice Tourist region: Beskid Mały i Makowski

tel. +48 338234144
"I would like to thank Wadowice for these schools where I received so much light: first the primary school and then this excellent Wadowice grammar school named after Marcin Wadowita". John Paul II
The beginnings of the present Secondary School named after Marcin Wadowita go back to 1866. The statute of Emil Zegadłowicz is located in front of the building and a quotation from Roman poet Albius Tibullus: (translated from Latin) “The Highest One likes what is pure, come in pure garments and take water from the source with pure hands” is placed over the entrance.Many renowned graduates came from Wadowice grammar school: General Walerian Czuma – commander of Warsaw defence in 1939, Saint Józef Bilczewski – Metropolitan Cardinal of Lviv.Karol Wojtyła attended this grammar school in the years 1930-38. He was an exceptional student, he obtained only very good marks for eight years. He became the class head already in the 2nd grade. He joined the Marian Solidation which he chaired for two years and participated in the works of “Sokół”. "When we attended the 5th grade of grammar school, we staged Sophocles Antigone. Antigone - Halina, Ismene - Kazia, my God, I played Haemon. “My beloved sister, Ismene, can’t you see that we are not spared from any Oedipus’ calamities?” I can still remember this" John Paul II

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