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Szlak rowerowy: Szlak wokół Tatr – trasa główna

History–Culture–Nature Trail Around the Tatra Mountains – Main Route

Historyczno-kulturowo-przyrodniczy szlak wokół Tatr – trasa główna
Scale of difficulty: For beginners
Types of trails: Cycle

Name of the trail: History–Culture–Nature Trail Around the Tatra Mountains – Main Route

Beginning of the trail: Chochołów

End of the trail: Kacwin

Total length of the trail: 58.1 km

Difficulty: easy – for families with children travelling with trailers or panniers

Trail colour: pictograms

The entire section of the main line of the Route Around the Tatras in Poland is ready and has been attracting numerous cyclists for several years. The first section created in 2015 as part of this cycle trail project, which will eventually encircle the entire Tatra Mountains, was the one leading from Nowy Targ to Trzciana (Trstena) in Slovakia. The route in this section was laid on the old Austro-Hungarian railway line and included the adaptation of the railroad bridges. In fact, it was one of the first routes in Małopolska built to such high-quality standards (fully asphalted and entirely free from motor vehicle traffic). In 2018, the eastern part of the route, running through Spiš (Nowy Targ – Kacwin) was commissioned. Although it isn’t entirely asphalted (a section of about 8 km long through Bór na Czerwonem in the Szaflary municipality has a gravel surface), some of the route is shared by motor vehicle traffic and there are stretches with significant uphills (especially the section from Krempachy to Kacwin). However, together with all the branches of the Route Around the Tatras, the VeloDunajec route running through the Podtatrze region, and a network of local roads and trails, it creates a great combination of various cycle tours with varying difficulty. The route is gradually being extended by both new branches (some of which are described in a separate chapter) and the numerous surrounding infrastructure (numerous rest stops, an information centre in the former Podczerwone railway station, nature trails). We recommend that you check out www.szlakwokoltatr.eu for more details and discover the Tatra Mountains from the saddle.

Maximum elevation: 772 m a.s.l.

The lowest point on the route is at elevation: 560 m a.s.l.

The route runs through the following protected areas:

Natura 2000: Białka Valley, peat bogs in the Orava-Nowy Targ basin

17% of the route runs through forested areas.

Tourist attractions: Podhale Museum in Nowy Targ

Natural attractions: Natura 2000 – Białka Valley, Natura 2000 – Górny Dunajec, Natura 2000 – peat bogs in the Orava-Nowy Targ basin, Bór na Czerwonem Nature Reserve. Cisowa Rock, Dursztyn Rocks, Kacwin Waterfall
84% of the trail runs on roads free of motor vehicle traffic.

Podczerwone – Czarny Dunajec – Rogoźnik – Nowy Targ – Bór nad Czerwonem – Szaflary – Gronków – Nowa Biała – Krempachy – Dursztyn – Łapsze Niżne – Stawiska – Kacwin

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