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Widok na winorośle w winnicy w miejscowości Janowice. Dookoła winnicy znajdują się lasy, a w oddali na tle zachodzącego słońca wzgórza.

Janowice Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

Janowice is a picturesque village located in the Commune of Pleśna. The terrain is perfect for hiking and cycling, orchards, beekeeping and the so-called eno-tourism, which is associated with vine cultivation.

Delicious juices straight from the orchard and wines from Janowice are appreciated by connoisseurs, and beautifully located orchards and vineyards in the picturesque area are a place of rest for visitors. Interesting cultural events occur in the vineyards, such as the 6 days of live classical and jazz concerts known as the Vitis Music Sfera Festival.

The village holds tremendous value for tourists and lovers of recreation alike. This value is due to the magnificent landscapes that stretch from the hills to the Dunajec River Valley, along which the construction of the VeloDunajec route begins, to the Beskids, Gorce and Tatra Mountains ranges, which can now also be admired from the Wine Pier at the Janowice Vineyard. The unusual location of the vineyard and the breathtaking view of the Dunajec Valley make it one of the most beautiful vineyards in Poland.

In the western part of the village, on the slope of the hill gently descending in the south-western direction towards the Dunajec Valley, there is a palace-park complex with a 19th-century palace.

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