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Okrągła, betonowa fontanna z postumentem z dzbanem z którego tryska woda. Na dnie fontanny napis

33-350 Piwniczna-Zdrój Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

Piwniczna-Zdrój is an old town and at the same time a small health resort situated in the deep valley of the Poprad river, which flows along the picturesque gorges of Beskid Sądecki. Piwniczna-Zdrój can boast a vast spa park on the slopes of the Kicarz Mountain and a location among the extensive mountain ranges.
The town of Piwniczna came into existence already in the 15th century thanks to king Casimir the Great. It was founded in 1348 in the place where the valley of the Poprad river created a narrow passage. At that time an important trade route from Poland to Hungary was passing through the Poprad valley. A railway route was also constructed here in 1876. Soon after, the excellent therapeutic qualities of the local mineral waters were discovered, and in 1884 the first patients came to Piwniczna. However, the health resort was properly established only in 1932, when the first water boreholes were made and the baths (bathing centre), as well as the pump room were built. Today in Piwniczna, in a pump room at Zdrojowa street, you can try the “Piwniczanka” water. Mineral waters: “Julian”, “Łomniczanka”, “Piwniczanka”, “Stefan”, “Wierchomlanka”, “Zdrój”. Piwniczna-Zdrój and its surroundings are characterised by beautiful landscapes. The region is enchanting thanks to the varied lie of the land around Beskid Sądecki, cut through by the deep Poprad valley. The river meanders here and flows below forested hills. The picturesque views of the valley can be admired while rafting down Poprad. There is a rafting marina in Piwniczna-Zdrój and rafting trips go as far as to Rytro. In Rytro it is worth climbing up the steep Zamczysko hill with the ruins of a 13th century medieval castle. From below the castle tower you can get a beautiful view of the Poprad gorge. If you go further north along the Poprad river, you will get to Stary Sącz (18 km from Piwniczna). Here you will find the convent of St. Clare, founded already in the 13th century by Princess Kinga, buried in the convent church and proclaimed saint by Pope John Paul II during a ceremonial mass that took place on the fields by the town. A papal altar with a small museum of mementos connected with the Polish pope is standing there to this day. Apart from the convent in Stary Sącz it is worth walking around the extensive market square with old-time architecture and original cobbles. Both the Poprad valley and the surrounding mountain ranges of Beskid Sądecki are situated within the Poprad Landscape Park. There are numerous walking and cycling tourist trails in the mountains. From Piwniczna you can hike west in the direction of Radziejowa (1266 m asl), the highest peak of Beskid Sądecki. On the other bank of the Poprad river, scenic ridges lead in the direction of Hala Łabowska with the PTTK mountain refuge. It is best to choose the long, but more scenic trail through Hala Pisana, and then descend from the refuge along the short trail to Łomnica-Zdrój. In winter, skiers can take advantage of the attractions of the ski station in Wierchomla and Rytro.

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