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Restauracja Bottiglieria 1881 Kraków

Restaurant Bottiglieria 1881 Kraków

Wnętrze restauracji. stawione stoliki z krzesłami. Po lewej lustro n ścianie. Z sufitu zwisa lampa.

ul. Bocheńska 5, 31-061 Kraków Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska, Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 660661756
It's not only a restaurant – it's all the way a restaurant. With its excellent wine list and author's own house cuisine, boldness and imagination that is only limited by seasonality, Bottiglieria 1881 has had a unique place on the Kraków culinary map for years. Dishes that are refined but hark back to the flavours of childhood have won the appreciation not only of customers but also of Michelin testers. From Kraków's Kazimierz district, Bottiglieria 1881 has one Michelin star and two cutlery sets to its credit. Such a prestigious accolade is every chef's dream.

The restaurant was established in 2014 at 5 Bocheńska Street in the same spot where there was a wine warehouse a century ago. The owners wanted to live up to this legend. They wished to bring back to life something that already existed, on top of creating a place of the highest standard, starting with the people who work there: the chef, the cooks, the sommelier, the waiters, right down to every dish on the menu. The dishes are characterised by a bold combination of flavours, textures, and excellent taste, and are made with fresh produce bought from well-known local suppliers. The consistent philosophy of running a restaurant and the belief that food is meant to give joy made Bottiglieria 1881 the first Michelin-starred restaurant in Kraków. Its menu includes Mangalica with grits and peppers, deer with mushrooms and herring with horseradish and pear. We should add that, besides the excellent food, in the ‘bottling room’ (as the place is called) you can test excellent wines, also from Poland. They come from organic cultivation, from winemakers with a passion for the environment.

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