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Zagroda Korkoszów Czarna Góra

The Korkosz Farm House in Czarna Góra

Drewniany budynek na wysokiej podmurówce z kamienia. Przed nim po lewej stronie tablica informacyjna z mapą, zdjęciami i tekstami w 3 językach.

Zagóra 86, 34-532 Czarna Góra Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz

tel. +48 182637121
The Korkosz Farm House in Czarna Góra – the Spiš Folk Culture Museum belongs to the Tatra Museum in Zakopane (a gift of the Korkosz family), which in 1981-1983 carried out conservation work on the whole building and set up a branch of the museum here.
The oldest farm buildings were erected by Alojzy Chyży at the end of the C19th. In 1919 the residence and farm buildings were rebuilt (among other things a threshing floor and sheepfold were added). In the 1930s the farm house was enhanced with a brick stable, coach house a,nd pigsty, and the old wooden stable was turned into a treadmill. The exhibition – making use of original fittings and utensils, supplemented by furnishings from Czarna Góra – displays a Spiš peasant farm from the turn of the C20th.

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