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Przez pogórze do Dobczyc

Through the foothills to Dobczyce

Widok z góry na kościół i inne budynki otoczone zielenią. Pośrodku aleja.
Types of trails: Hiking
Length of trail: 21,9 km
Wieliczka Tourist region: Kraków i okolice
The trip follows the yellow trail, passing the wooden Church of St. Sebastian on the outskirts of Wieliczka. The route then climbs the highest local mountain Chorągwica and continues to Hucisko, where you will find the house of Tadeusz Kantor with the huge sculpture of a chair. Before reaching Dobczyce, where the route finishes, it is worth stopping in Dziekanowice by the 12th century church, attractively situated on a steep hill over the Raba valley.
Wieliczka – Lednica Górna – Hucisko – Dziekanowice – Dobczyce

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