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Bacówka PTTK pod Bereśnikiem

PTTK Pod Bereśnikiem Shepherd’s Hut

Zbliżenie na budynek schroniska PTTK pod Bereśnikiem wśród zieleni.

ul. Języki 22, 34-460 Szczawnica

tel. +48 182621356
The PTTK Pod Bereśnikiem Shepherd's Hut is located in the Beskid Sądecki, in the Radziejowa Range, on the southern slope of Mt Bereśnik (843 masl). The name Bereśnik comes from Ruthenian bereza, meaning birch trees, with which the peak was once thickly forested.

The Pod Bereśnikiem Shepherd's Hut is located on the southern part of the yellow trail leading from Łącko through Dzwonkówka, then through Bereśnik to Szczawnica and further to Szafranówka, all the way to Slovakia.


The PTTK Pod Bereśnikiem Shepherd's Hut was established in 1989 as a result of the extension of an old highlander's cottage, thanks to the efforts of Edward Moskała and members of the Pieniny Branch of PTTK in Szczawnica. In Bacówka, there are 40 beds in seven rooms and a kitchen. There is also a camping site. Edward Moskała, after whom Bacówka is named, is an extraordinary figure, highly meritorious for the mountains. He was an advocate, pioneer and implementer of mountain trail marking and – together with Władysław Krygowski – was the ‘father’ of the main red Beskid trail in the Bieszczady Mountains. He also created the network of museum-like PTTK Mountain Tourism Cultural Centres, was the originator of small PTTK mountain shelters, took numerous photographs of mountain panoramas, wrote monographs about mountain shelters and, of course, penned guidebooks.

From the windows of the shepherd's hut, we can admire the panorama of the Małe Pieniny Mountains with the highest peak of the Pieniny Mountains – Mt Wysoka – as well as the Pieniny Właściwe Mountains, the Slovakian Veterny Vrch Range, and the Tatra Mountains. On the way to the hostel, you can enjoy views of the Gorce Mountains, Babia Góra and the Dunajec Gorge. The yellow trail from Szczawnica to the hostel runs along the slope of Mt Bryjarka, from which flow the mineral waters that made Szczawnica become a popular health resort. In the upper part of Mt Bryjarka are debris flows of magma rocks, rare in the Carpathian Mountains, namely, light grey augite-amphibole andesites.


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