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Bacówka Stanisława Barnasia Czerwienne

Stanisław Barnaś's Shepherd's Hut in Czerwienne

Bacówka Stanisława Barnasia w Czerwinnym otoczona drzewami. Koło budynku jest sterta drzewa, teren jest wysypany małymi kamieniami, a dwa pale przed wejściem zdobią dwa cyrpoki.

Czerwienne Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

He took over the shepherd's hut in 2012 from his father Władysław, who had been pasturing the sheep in Czerwienne for 28 years.

'My father founded his shepherd's hut in the mid-1980s,' recalls the senior shepherd. Before that, he used to go to Bystrzyca Kłodzka for grazing. Stanisław has been helping with the sheep since he was 16. Now the shepherd has a hundred Cakiel sheep and 50 Polish mountain sheep. In total, he looks after nearly 400 sheep during the grazing season. He holds a certificate for oscypek. Now the secrets related to the oscypek recipe have been passed on to Stanisław. As a result, according to many oscypek lovers, his cheeses are distinguished by their unique taste. Besides, there are many factors that determine the taste of the cheese, from what the sheep feed on, to the way the oscypek is 'pucony' (made) and then smoked. This is where each shepherd keeps his own secrets and arcane details which he diligently guards from the competition. It is thanks to them that oscypek, despite the well-guarded recipe at each shepherd's hut, still has its own distinct and unique taste.

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