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Galeria Koronek Klockowych Bobowa

Gallery of Bobbin Lace in Bobowa

Ekspozycja w galerii koronki klockowej w Bobowej

ul. Grunwaldzka 18, 38-350 Bobowa Tourist region: Pogórza

tel. +48 183514134
fax. +48 183514134
The Gallery of Bobbin Lace is located in the Culture and Promotion Centre of the Bobowa Municipality. This permanent historical exhibition features beautiful, unique works of the Bobowa lace makers (including napkins, tablecloths and even items of clothing) as well as souvenirs from foreign exhibitions.

The laces captivate with their beauty and the precision they were made with. Women from Bobowa have been making them for ages. They are formed by tying many linen threads wound on wooden blocks with bobbins at the end. The individual threads are hooked in turn by pins which are inserted into a cushion with a given pattern. Then they are interwoven, first dense, then less dense, often depending on the type of the lace. The principles and methods of their production came to Poland from Genoa, Milan and Bruges. In 1899, the National School of Lacemaking was founded in Bobowa and contributed to the development of the delicate craft lacemaking as it existed back then.

You can admire the lacemakers at work and buy some products them directly from the the people who make them.

Bobowa has been hosting the International Festival of Bobbin Lace since its inception in 2000.

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