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Jesienny Redyk Szczawnica

Autumn Trailing of the Sheep (Redyk) Szczawnica

Przepędzane owce, widziane z lotu ptaka w Szczawnicy. Po prawej stronie płynie rzeka Dunajec. Po lewej stronie widać zielony las.

Szalaya 103, 34-460 Szczawnica Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz

tel. +48 794432394
Anyone who has not at least once observed the grand procession of bleating sheep walking the trails of the Podhale region in autumn is unfamiliar with highland traditions.

The Autumn Trailing of the Sheep (Redyk) in Szczawnica is a unique, highly spectacular shepherd festival, during which shepherds with their shepherd-boys drive the sheep from the mountain pastures to the places where they will spend the cold winter. This unusual event, which is deeply rooted in local tradition, attracts a large number of tourists every year. They are eager to see flocks of sheep walking through the streets of the town and to walk with them through the town centre, accompanied by music and traditional highland costumes.

The celebrations of the autumn redyk in the Pieniny were enriched with many attractions related to highland customs. The artistic part at the working rafting harbour in Szczawnica includes musical and dance performances by regional ensembles. The performances are accompanied by a folk art fair, a tasting of regional dishes and a display of handicrafts by local artists. It is also an excellent opportunity to taste oscypek and bundz. 

The Autumn Trailing of the Sheep (Redyk) in Szczawnica has been recognised in the 2021 MałopolskaTourist Treasures competition in the So Much Is Happening– Unique Tourist Events category.

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