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Kładka pieszo-rowerowa łącząca wzgórze zamkowe z koroną zapory Dobczyce

A pedestrian and bicycle footbridge connects the castle hill with the crown of the Dobczyce dam

Na zdjęciu metalowa konstrukcja kładki pieszo-rowerowej w Dobczycach. Wokół kładki zielone korony drzew. Po kładce spacerują ludzie.

32-410 Dobczyce

Dobczyce residents and tourists are just some who appreciate the Dobczyce footbridge connecting the castle hill with the crown of the dam. Amongst others, it was also awarded, and not for the first time, the Stanisław Witkiewicz Award of the Małopolska Voivodeship in the category ‘Public Space’.

A special attraction of Dobczyce is a footbridge connecting the castle hill with the crown of Dobczyce dam. Being a great vantage point, it is one of the most-visited walking places. Looking to the south from the crown of the dam in one will see a panorama of Lake Dobczyckie, with the Kornatka forest in the background. To the north, you can see the landscape of the Wielickie Foothills with the Raba Valley at the bottom. From the east, on the other hand, the ruins of the Dobczyce Castle rise up proudly atop the rock. Until recently, it was impossible to go between the Dobczyce Castle and the crown of the dam. Only in 2021 after the completion of a cyclist-pedestrian footbridge could the steep hill be connected to the dam built in the 1980s. The footbridge facilitates communication and connects Dobczyce's two most prominent attractions, but it is also a fascinating architectural object that fits perfectly into the landscape. The footbridge has been incorporated into the rocky hill while alluding to the historic castle and dam structure. The structure was made of Corten steel, characterised by increased durability and avant-garde style.

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