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Moped Retro - Muzeum Motorowerów

Moped Retro – Moped Museum

Motorower na ekspozycji w Muzeum Moped Retro.

34-741 Kasina Wielka Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

tel. +48 789402133
Moped Retro is a museum created by two motoring enthusiasts. Their collection of mopeds has become the largest exhibition of its kind in Poland.

The Moped Retro Museum is an impressive exhibition of vintage moped models. The collection comprises almost 400 exhibits, and around 100 are available for viewing by visitors. Polish and foreign bikes can be seen in the Museum, including models of well-known brands such as Ducati, DKW, Java, Batavus, Honda, Triumph, and Garelli. In addition, the exhibition features accessories from times gone by and stories related to the development of motoring.

The 'moped era' began in the 1930s, and their 'golden age' was in the 1950s and 1960s, coinciding with the moped revolution. Back then, the moped symbolised an owner's freedom and independence. Most of the exhibits come from the 'golden age' of mopeds. They are from various parts of the world and were acquired through shares, exchanges, antique fairs or trips abroad. The restoration of the models took place with attention to detail and the preservation of originality.

The form of the exhibition is fascinating, as it resembles a wardrobe with drawers in which mopeds are presented. The Museum also organises a Moped Tour, i.e., guided tours of the Island Beskids on mopeds. There are 15 mopeds available for tourists.

The Museum is located at the upper station of the Kasina Ski & Bike Park in Kasina Wielka.

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