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Muzeum Fabryka Wódki Kraków

Vodka Factory Museum Kraków

urządzenie do rozlewania trunków Muzeum Fabryka Wódki w Krakowie

Fabryczna 13, 31-553 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 881970610
The Vodka Factory Museum is located in Kraków at 13 Fabryczna Street within the Fabryczna City complex. It is housed in a historic building of the former Vodka Factory No. 11 built in the 1930s at the later Polmos Distillery.

The museum has been divided into several zones – an introductory section with a cinema, a general area on the history of vodka, a section describing the production processes and the history of the factories at 13 Fabryczna Street. Visitors to the exhibition are accompanied by two characters: a Sarmatian and a person working at Polmos. Despite the different times ithey lived in, they meet at the Vodka Factory Museum to talk about the common theme of vodka.

The Vodka Factory has almost 1,100 m2 of space to explore either on your own or with a guide. During the one-and-a-half-hour tour, visitors will be treated to interactive exhibitions and multimedia stations about the centuries-long history of the evolution of the methods for making vodka, enabling visitors to learn about ancient production methods and recipes and, most importantly about the importance and place of vodka in history, culture and the economy over the centuries. It will be an extraordinary journey through time, full of interesting, little-known and surprising facts. It is the only museum of this alcohol in the world that boasts a collection of authentic distillery equipment forming a complete production line for the distilling of this all-important spirit.

The museum is made up of seven thematic galleries: a presentation of the medieval apparatus for distilling vodka; a feast in a nobleman's manor; a revolution in distilling together with the 19th-century industrial apparatus for producing vodka; a bar from the period of the Second Republic of Poland;the square fronting Vodka Factory No. 11 from the 1930s together with a railway siding; an agricultural steam distillery presenting a complete technological line; a bottling and loading room for finished products from the 1970s; vodkas from the times of the People's Republic of Poland and the history of the Polmos Krakow plant until 2010.

The journey into the world of vodka ends with a tasting at Utopia Vodka Bar, where you can sample a variety of cocktails and strong spirits.

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