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Muzeum Kultury Ludowej Sidzina

Museum of Folk Culture in Sidzina

Skansen w Sidzinie

34-236 Sidzina Tourist region: Beskid Żywiecki i Orawa

tel. +48 501597208
This open-air museum would not have come into being if it were not for the big heart and commitment of two local enthusiasts; teacher Adam Leśniak and parish priest Father Józef Świstek. It was they who decided to save old culture, old customs and everyday objects from oblivion.

The two creators of the museum noticed that with the arrival of electricity and electric power, objects that once served the inhabitants of the villages of the Babia Góra region were being thrown away and destroyed. They decided to save them for the memory and future generations. This is how the Regional Museum in Sidzina was established, which was opened in 1963 to celebrate Sidzina's 400th anniversary.

The museum houses an exhibition on the traditional architecture of the Orawa region, including the Banasik's 'chicken' hut with its furnishings from 1806; the granary called 'Górka' from 1897, which houses the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN). It is dedicated to the memory of the soldiers of September 1939 and the partisans of World War II. You can also see an old blacksmith's shop brought from Spytkowice. There is, of course, a mill and an unusual wooden Loreto bell tower from 1937. At the open-air museum you can also admire the outdoor sculptures, which relate to the tales and legends of this region. The museum organises many folklore events and workshops to showcase the uniqueness of the region.

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