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Obserwatorium Astronomiczne im. Tadeusza Banachiewicza Lubomir

Tadeusz Banachiewicz Astronomical Observatory on Lubomir

Bryłę budynku obserwatorium astronomicznego na szczycie Lubomir. Budynek  z dwoma kopułami i płaskim dachem. Wokół drzewa.

Węglówka 400, 32-412 Węglówka Tourist region: Beskid Mały i Makowski

The first observatory was built on Lubomir almost 100 years ago.

The peak used to be called Łysina, but after Prince Casimir Lubomirski donated the land to build an observatory station, the name of the peak was changed in his honour. The creation of the observatory was initiated by the eminent Polish astronomer Tadeusz Banachiewicz. Located at a relatively short distance from Krakow (33 km), the summit is in an area free of artificial light and smog, and therefore has the necessary conditions for observation of the sky. The building was completed in 1922. Before World War II, interesting discoveries were made here: in 1925, comet C/1925 G1 (Orkisz) was discovered, and in 1936, comet C/1936 O1 (Kaho-Kozik-Lis). Today, comets can be seen in the coat of arms of the municipality (gmina) of Wiśniowa. Unfortunately, in 1944, German soldiers burnt down the observatory together with the library, and all observation documents were destroyed. The observatory had to wait more than 70 years to be renovated. The new observatory has 2 domes with a diameter of 3 m and 5 m and is equipped with telescopes.

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