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Po środku jasny, murowany budynek dwukondygnacyjny, z płaskim dachem, ze zdobieniami, otoczony drzewami. Po prawej niski, długi budynek z dachem dwuspadowym. Po lewej stronie płynie rzeka. Przed droga i łąki. Za budynkiem widać domy, lasy i kościół. Dalej zalesione wzgórza i fragment zachmurzonego nieba.

Szymbark Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

Szymbark is a summer and tourist village at the Ropa River. Despite its small size, it is rich in many attractions and monuments.

A valuable monument of Szymbark is the castle – a defensive manor house and the seat of the Gładysz family, a classic example of a Polish Castle. It was founded in the 16th century and served as a representative, residential and defensive function.  Currently, there is the Exhibition and Conference Centre, which is a branch of the Museum of the Karwacjan and Gładysz Manors in Gorlice. The Przystanek Szymbark rest point by the castellum, linked to the pedestrian and cycling path along the Ropa River, is an attractive place for recreation and relaxation.

In Szymbark, the Prof. Roman Reinfuss Open-Air Museum of the Pogórze Village, which has objects from the former Pogórze village,  is worth visiting. It presents the little-known folk culture of the Gorlickie Foothills people. The Open-Air Museum is a branch of the Karwacjan and Gładysz Manors in Gorlice.

The larch Church of St. Adalbert and the Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God are valuable monuments of wooden architecture. Built in 1782, the church has survived almost unchanged to this day. According to tradition, the church stands in the same place where St. Adalbert celebrated Mass on his way from Hungary to Gniezno.  The Greek Catholic parish church that, depending on which source to trust, was built in 1790 or 1821 in the village of Wólka is now a Roman Catholic Church in the Parish of Our Lady of the Scapular in Szymbark.

Three military cemeteries evoke the ‘breakthrough at Gorlice’ of May 1915.

The massif of Mt Maślana (753 m above sea level) with the ‘Jelenia Góra’ Nature Reserve with a protected position of the common fern – hart's tongue in the sycamore complex, fragments of the natural Carpathian beech and a landslide lake called the Beskid Morskie Oko is a place of natural value.

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