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Górskie ścieżki rowerowe Babia Góra Trails

Babia Góra Trails for mountain biking

Widok na grupę rowerzystów odpoczywających na ścieżce leśnej w otoczeniu drzew.
Scale of difficulty: For intermediates
Length of trail: 20
Zawoja Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice
Total length of routes presented: 20 km

Babia Góra Trails (BGT) is the first complex of professionally designed and constructed singletracks in Małopolska.

A network of narrow, one-way uphill and downhill paths has threaded its way along the south-western slopes of Mosorny Groń since 2018. There is also a two-way path, Tabakowy, which goes right to the the summit of Mędralowa. It leads to the Slovakian part of the complex, where you can ride on the gravel roads bending along the southern slopes of Babia Góra. The BGT singletracks gently traverse the slopes and bend and curve through the trees to make the most of the natural slope. This allows you to stay on the bicycle on uphill sections, while on downhill sections it naturally controls your speed down the path, so the only factor defining the ‘difficulty of the route’ is the skill of the rider. The principle is simple: the faster you go and the more you accelerate on the straight sections, the harder the course gets (and the more fun you get). Possible larger obstacles on the route can by bypassed sideways. At the foot of the complex (the former Centrum Koron Ziemi), where most of the paths start, there is a large car park and a dirt bumptrack where you can practice riding on bumps. If you’re a beginner, we also recommend taking the loop consisting of Podbłędne and Rydzowe (recommended even for children). Most of the route is closed for the winter season. You can also get to the top of Mosorny Groń by a cable car. The slopes of this mountain once also featured more advanced downhill routes (DH/ FR), which currently wait for a general renovation. A detailed map can also be found at www.babiagoratrails.com, and the entire complex consists of the following routes:


Podbłędny: 1.5 km (difficulty: easy) Mosorny Groń: 2.9 km (difficulty: medium) Zimna Dziura: 1.5 km (difficulty: medium)

Downhill: Rydzowy: 1.0 km (difficulty: easy) Sokolica: 4.2 km (difficulty: medium) Wilcza Łapa: 1.2 km (difficulty: medium) Diablak: 1.7 km (difficulty: difficult)

Two-way: Tabakowy access road: 3.9 km (difficulty: medium) Tabakowy: 5.2 km (difficulty: medium)

Maximum elevation: 930 m a.s.l.

The lowest point on the route is at elevation: 831 m a.s.l.

The route runs through the following protected areas:

Natura 2000: Ostoja Gorczańska, the Środkowy Dunajec with its tributaries

99% of the route runs through forested areas.

86% of the trail runs on roads free of motor vehicle traffic.

Tourist attractions: Mosorny Groń cable car

Natural attractions:

Natura 2000 – Babia Góra, Babia Góra National Park

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