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Bacówka Krzysztofa Gacha na Turbaczu

Krzysztof Gach's Shepherd's Hut on Turbacz

Pokrojone kawałki sera na drewnianym naczyniu, położonym z kolei na beczce w Bacówce Stanisława Łasia w Nowym Targu.

Turbacz Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

Krzysztof Gach is a loner. That is why he is the only shepherd who pastures sheep on Długa Hala on Turbacz. – There is no competition. None of the shepherds venture here because of the harsh conditions. 'But somehow I have managed to live with sheep for over six years', laughs the shepherd, who developed his passion for shepherding while being a juhas.

Important information for those who are not familiar with highlander nomenclature – a 'juhas' is simply a helper of the shepherd – a chief who manages the entire homestead. Usually the passion for shepherding and herding sheep is passed from father to son. But here it is different, because Krzysztof Gach is one of the few not to have any shepherd roots; neither his grandfather nor his father was involved in cultural pasturage. ‘But farming has been going on in the family, so over time I thought that maybe this is an idea for making a living. It's just that living with sheep prevents you from going to parties', adds Krzysztof Gach. He doesn't feel out of place on Turbacz and he is often approached by tourists. He mainly sells sheep milk cheese to them. According to his catchphrase, 'A good oscypek is a well-made oscypek'. The whole secret lies in the perfect sheep's milk, finding the right proportions when it comes to cow's milk, which is also added, and making oscypek according to an old recipe. This is a painstaking and time-consuming process and it takes several days just to smoke the sheep's cheese in the hut. This is why there are often pre-orders for oscypek at good shepherd's huts.

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