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Bacówka Władysława Klimowskiego Nowy Targ

Władyslaw Klimowski's Shepherd's Hut in Nowy Targ

Siedem oscypków ustawionych pionowo, jeden koło drugiego w Bacówce Andrzeja Lassaka w Lipnicy Wielkiej.

Nowy Targ Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy, Tatry i Podhale

'I have been making pasturing the sheep since I was a child', confesses Mr Władysław, who continues the family tradition, as his father was also a shepherd. He used to pasture in the Sudetes and the Bieszczady Mountains.

Throughout Podhale, senior shepherd Władysław Klimowski is known as the one-man-institution, known for his excellent, impeccable work for many years.  – 'I started shepherding on my own in 1969. It was in Radocyna in the Low Beskids. I had about 1,500 sheep there', recalls Władysław Klimowski. Now he has his shepherds' huts in two different locations – one behind the hospital in Nowy Targ and the other in Biała Woda near Jaworek in the Pieniny Mountains. He looks after more than a thousand sheep from Nowy Targ and its surroundings. Władysław Klimowski's son is his apprentice. 'It is difficult to find someone who wants to be a shepherd's helper because it is hard work', he points out. But for the highlanders, shepherding is an inseparable part of their culture and lifestyle. Luckily, some of the young people still want to be involved in shepherding.  Władysław Klimowski's shepherd's hut in Nowy Targ is an area where the beautiful glades are clearly visible from the vicinity of the hospital. From there, you can take a relatively unobstructed route to the shepherd's hut, where sheep milk delicacies are served throughout the summer season. Highlanders believe that oscypek, but also the nutritious żenteca, can restore you vital energy.

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