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Cmentarz wojenny numer 327 Niepołomice

War cemetery from the First World War no. 327, Niemołomice

Pomnikowy mur z krzyżem na cmentarzu nr 327 w Niepołomicach.
Garrison cemetery from the First World War located on a rectangular plan according to the design by Lt. Franz Stark, a professional architect in the Imperial-Royal services of War Graves Department, acting as artistic director of the IX cemetery district.
In the first 30 years of the 20th century the ashes of the soldiers killed in 1914 were exhumed and moved here from nearby cemeteries no. 326 Niepołomice and no. 331 Podłęże. 74 soldiers were buried in 23 individual graves and in 3 mass graves. The central element of the cemetery is constituted by a concrete wall, located opposite the entrance to the cemetery with a concrete cross in the middle. The side posts of the wall are topped with steles, on which small iron crosses were imposed – of Austrian and Russian pattern.

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