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Dom Tadeusza Kantora Hucisko

Kantor's Summer House in Hucisko

Pogodne letnie niebo, na tle drzew, na trawie stoi 14-metrowe drewniane, składane krzesło z oparciem.

Hucisko 39, 32-420 Hucisko Tourist region: Pogórza

This is the only completed architectural project by the artist Tadeusz Kantor. The director, creator of happenings and painter supervised every stage of the construction of the Summer House in Hucisko.

From the very beginning, the Tadeusz Kantor and Maria Stangret-Kantor's Summer House in Hucisko was built with a view to becoming a museum of the painters' work in the future. Kantor wanted it to be a small gallery in addition to a biographical and informational institution. The building was designed by Tadeusz Kantor himself. It is a wooden house in the Zakopane style with a white brick  semi-circular tower. The ground floor houses the painter's studio, as well as the living room and a kitchen. The owners' bedrooms are located on the first floor. The house is situated on a small hill on a plot of land of around half a hectare. In 1995, on the fifth anniversary of the artist's death, a 14-metre chair was erected near the building – the realisation of one of the artist's 'Impossible Monuments'. The artist's sudden death and the lack of specific instructions for the museum's operation meant that it was never actually established in Kantor's Summer House. The building is not open to the public.

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