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Dwór obronny Jeżów

Manor in Jeżów

Dwupiętrowy budynek w kolorze szaro-białym, z owalną wieżą po lewej stronie. Na części elewacji zielone pnącza. Przed domem stoją niewielkie metalowe rzeźby, dom otaczają wysokie drzewa.

Jeżów 4, 38-850 Wilczyska Tourist region: Pogórza

The manor in Jeżów was built in the late 15th century, later on it was reconstructed several times.
The plan of the manor is similar to a square with an oval tower in one of the corners. Inside, the elements of the original Renaissance stonework are preserved: door framings and a fireplace with the Ionic pilasters. In the park around the manor, we may find the remains of moats and fortifications attesting to the former defensive character of the building. Now, it is used as the House of Creative Work.

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