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Jaskinia Raptawicka

Raptawicka Cave

Zdjęcie przedstawia wnętrze Jaskini Raptawickiej w Dolinie Kościeliskiej w Tatrach i zwiedzających ją turystów.

Kościelisko Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

It is located on the western slope of the Kościeliska Valley, 180 m above its bottom – in Raptawicka Turnia.
Its hole cannot be seen even from close distance, because it is hidden behind a rock-grass perch. This hollow-flow cave has a ladder leading inside. The first chamber is illuminated by the rays of the sun, which is why green vegetation has developed in its ceiling. However, the light does not reach the next two rooms. The cave is probably linked to the Mylna Cave with some thin passages.

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