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Wyciąg narciarski i Hotel Górski Kalatówki


Osoba ubrana w strój narciarski zjeżdża ze stoku na nartach

Kalatówki, 34-500 Zakopane Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

tel. +48 182063644
Truly a picturesque place. The PTTK Kalatówki Mountain Hotel is located in the very heart of the Tatra Mountain, in the Tatra National Park.
The hotel was built in the Bystra Valley at an altitude of 1198 metres above sea level, right next to the trail leading from Kuźnice to Giewont. This is the location, where the famous Jazz Camping takes place, as well as the “Easter Egg” Competition. Right next to the hotel – in Suchy Żleb, next to the Kalacka Turnia, you can find a 400-metre long T-bar lift. Although it is a very intimate ski “resort”, it has its ardent fans. The slope is easy and you can find plenty of snow on it, even in late spring. The hotel offers equipment rental and service, you can also find a ski school and a ski kindergarten. It is worth mentioning that the first ski jumping hill was built here, in Kalatówki in 1908. In 1962, when Zakopane hosted the FIS World Championships, the two T-bar ski lifts were installed - in Suchy Żleb and on the Kalatówka Glade, where the best champions, such as Józef Łuszczek and Andrzej Bachleda-Curuś trained to achieve their successes.

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